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Child, Adolescent, & Adult Telepsychiatry in Ohio - Balanced Innovative Care

Child & Adult


Access mental health care from the comfort and privacy of your home.

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Provides convenient access to child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrists via secure online video sessions

for patients all across Ohio and Wisconsin.

Appointments are available within 1 week including evenings and weekends.

Adult & Child

ADHD Evaluations

Symptoms of ADHD can be more subtle and difficult to diagnose in high functioning individuals. But these symptoms can affect their ability to reach their highest potential at work, in school, and in their personal life. We offer a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation with specific focus on ADHD. If patients would like complete confidentiality, they can choose to complete the evaluation without sharing results with insurance companies or school.

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Adult Autism Evaluations - Balanced Innovative Care

Adult & Child

Autism Evaluations

As autism awareness continues to grow, many adults wonder if they fall on the spectrum. We provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation with specific focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder. A formal diagnosis of Autism can also help parents request and receive accommodations and support for their child in school. Virtual visits allow patients to choose the environment that is most comfortable for them.

Second Opinion

One-Time Consultations

For families who would like a second opinion, a one-time evaluation of current diagnoses and treatments can be provided. Potential treatment plans and recommendations will be reviewed in detail. On request, a written report can be shared with referring providers.

One Time Telepsychiatry Consultations - Balanced Innovative Care

Ongoing Care

Initial evaluation to establish ongoing care includes a bio-psycho-social approach to determine the current differential diagnoses. Patient and family are provided with evidence-based information to discuss if medications and/or therapy could be helpful. Not all patients will require medication management.

Medication Management

Medication management sessions are focused on using the safest and most effective medication regimen informed by evidenced based care. Patients will be seen within a month of any medication change. However, patients without recent changes may be seen every 6 months.

About Us - Balanced Innovative Care

About Us

Balanced Innovative Care provides access to child, adolescent & adult psychiatrists and psychologists from the comfort of your home via secure online video sessions. Online telepsychiatry appointments are available within 1 week including evenings and weekends for patients all across Ohio and Wisconsin. We offer child and adult Autism evaluations, ADHD evaluations, one-time consultations, and medication management.

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