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Ongoing Care with
Medication Management

We provide ongoing care to patients between ages of 4 and 25 for all psychiatric disorders including depressionanxiety, ADHD, autism and stress related disordersNew patient evaluations include a bio-psycho-social approach to determine the current differential diagnoses. Patient and family are provided with evidence-based information to discuss if medications and/or therapy could be helpful. Follow-up visits are focused on using the safest and most effective medication regimen.

New Patient Evaluations Anchor

New Patient Evaluations

The initial appointment to establish ongoing care will be a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation, during which we will discuss how to meet a family’s needs. All questionnaires and consent forms will need to be completed through the patient portal before the appointment. A release of information will need to be signed in order for any other providers to be contacted for collateral information. Following review of completed questionnaires, we will explore previous history, current symptoms, recent personal and family stressors, and medical issues. Current goals for treatment will be determined and discussed with the individual and/or family. If this practice or setup is not a good fit for the patient, we will work on finding appropriate referrals or more intensive services as needed.

New Patient Evaluations - Balanced Innovative Care
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Medication Management

Medication Management - Balanced Innovative Care

Not all patients will require medication management. However, if it is determined that our practice is a good fit for the patient, we will initiate ongoing care. Patients will be seen within a month of any medication change. However, patients without recent changes may be seen every 6 months. 

Follow-up visits focus on tracking response to medication changes and the initial treatment plan. Following review of most recently completed questionnaires, we will check in on current symptoms, recent personal and family stressors, and any updates from therapists or school.  After determining progress towards current goals for treatment, we will adjust the treatment plan, provide medication refills, and discuss timeline for next follow up visits. Families can reach providers easily to ask questions, request medication refills, and provide updates through the patient portal. 

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