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Adult & Child
Autism Evaluation

Autism is associated with a higher likelihood of depression, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders. Patients with Autism are commonly misdiagnosed with other disorders (such as bipolar disorder, personality disorder, etc.). We provide a specialized diagnostic evaluation with specific focus on Autism for adults and children of all ages. It also includes a comprehensive assessment that tests for a wide spectrum of issues, including mood disorders and anxiety. Virtual appointments allow patients to choose the environment that is most comfortable for them.

Why do I need a diagnosis?

Autism can affect work, school, relationships, and personal sense of self. Patients with autism benefit from an alternate approach when treating mood and anxiety through use of medication management, therapy, and/or coaching.


A formal diagnosis of Autism can help the patient and their loved ones better understand the patient's response to social interactions, communication, change, and the sensory environment. Also, having a formal diagnosis can help individuals request and receive accommodations and support at work and in school.

Adult Autism Evaluations - Balanced Innvative Care

Evaluation Process

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Patients will complete two separate telepsychiatry appointments. This provides the patient and provider plenty of time to compile information and plan appropriately. After the evaluation is scheduled, we send multiple clinical questionnaires for the patient and/or their caregiver to complete before the first appointment. After the initial evaluation, we might send some additional questionnaires if needed. Once all the questionnaires have been completed, your physician will complete their diagnostic process. After that, there will be a follow-up appointment to review differential diagnoses with a written report. If patients would like complete confidentiality, they can choose to complete the evaluation without sharing results with insurance companies, work, school, and/or family.

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