Adult & Child Autism Evaluations

As autism awareness continues to grow, many adults wonder if they fall on the spectrum. We provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to patients of all ages with specific focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder. A formal diagnosis of Autism can also help parents request and receive accommodations and support for their child in school. Virtual visits allow patients to choose the environment that is most comfortable for them.

Why do I need a diagnosis?

Adults with undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder often have found ways to adapt to a neurotypical world. However, autism can still affect work, school, relationships, and personal sense of self. A formal diagnosis may inform an alternate approach to treating issues with mood and anxiety. It can also help individuals request and receive accommodations and support in school and at work.

Adult Autism Evaluations - Balanced Innvative Care

Evaluation Process

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Patients will complete 2 telepsychiatry visits. This allows the patient and provider to compile information and plan appropriately. The initial 60 minute evaluation will be followed by a 30 minute visit 2 weeks later to review differential diagnoses with a written report. If patients would like complete confidentiality, they can choose to complete the evaluation without sharing results with insurance companies, work, school, or family.

Referrals will be provided if an ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) or cognitive testing is needed.