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Second Opinion
One-time Consultation

For families who would like a second opinion, a one time evaluation of current diagnoses and treatments can be provided for patients of all ages. Potential treatment plans and recommendations will be reviewed in detail. On request, a written report can be shared with referring providers.

Consultation Process

Patients will complete 2 telepsychiatry visits. This allows the family and provider to compile information and plan appropriately. The initial 60 minute evaluation will be followed by a 30 minute visit 2 weeks later to review differential diagnoses with a written report. If families would like complete confidentiality, they can choose to complete the evaluation without sharing results with insurance companies or school.

Consultation Process - Balanced Innovative Care

Preparation for Initial Visit

Preparation for Initial Telepsychiatry Visit - Balanced Innovative Care

The initial visit will consist of our comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, including review of previous records sent before visit, patient completed questionnaires, and previous medication trials. All questionnaires and consents will need to be completed through the patient portal before the visit. A release of information will need to be signed in order for any other providers to be contacted for collateral information.

Schedule a Consultation

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